Seven Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

As an entrepreneur we have the task of keeping our costs low while we work on achieving our goal of being financially free. It is important to have reliable transportation to accomplish daily errands. It is equally important to be able to show our customers and clients that we have a certain image for our business. Many new entrepreneurs want to go … [Read more...]

How to get started with a home based business while still serving in the military

Our last article talked about how military members were to only receive a 1.3% pay raise in 2015. Read the article here: Military members joining home business movement Today we want to touch on how a active or reserve military member can join a home business. We'll touch on several things in this article. Thinking about what you … [Read more...]

Military members joining home business movement

Recently we read an article over at Military Times regarding the latest military pay raise is locked in at 1. 3%. With cuts in funding and troop reductions many soldiers sailors, marines and airmen are looking at having their own home based business to bridge the gap. "That's a disappointment to advocates who were pushing for a larger paycheck … [Read more...]

Now is the best time to start a Network Marketing Business

  One of my long time mentors Jodan Adler made this video that I think will help you understand why now is such a good time to be involved with network marketing or MLM Jordan Adler is the top income earn in SendOutCards. He also happens to be our personal sponsor. He is the author of the book Beach Money; Creating Your Dream Life … [Read more...]

When it’s time to quit your day job

So you've been working hard on your Network Marketing business and you've decided it's time to quit and spend even more time doing the things you want to do. Consider going out with a bang! Maybe this video will give you some inspiration! When you have replaced your income is when the real fun begins. Think about it.  You're spending 8 or … [Read more...]

3 Deadly P’s of your Home Business

The three deadly P's of your home business are: Procrastination, Prioritization and Planning.   Home Business Procrastination I believe that Procrastination is the biggest killer in your home business. You probably know you should do something, you probably even have it on a list but for some reason you are not doing it. (BTW, I started … [Read more...]

Using a website that you own

Found a great article the other day that brings up a simple to excellent point. The idea is that most people and business are spending a lot of time on other forms of social media instead of developing your very own. Your own personal website that you own should be your first and foremost place that you drive internet traffic to. Posting on … [Read more...]