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Seven Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Used Vehicle

As an entrepreneur we have the task of keeping our costs low while we work on achieving our goal of being financially free. It is important to have reliable transportation to accomplish daily errands. It is equally important to be able to show our customers and clients that we have a certain image for our business. Many new entrepreneurs want to go … [Read more...]

10 things I would teach my younger self about money

Compounding works over time, so start saving right now today. Money has a cost in the future what you spend today sucks from what you could have had in the future. Banking is the most profitable business in the world, learn to become your own banker. Investing before saving is stupid. Government investment partnerships (IRA, 401K, 403b … [Read more...]

How to get started with a home based business while still serving in the military

Our last article talked about how military members were to only receive a 1.3% pay raise in 2015. Read the article here: Military members joining home business movement Today we want to touch on how a active or reserve military member can join a home business. We'll touch on several things in this article. Thinking about what you … [Read more...]

Military members joining home business movement

Recently we read an article over at Military Times regarding the latest military pay raise is locked in at 1. 3%. With cuts in funding and troop reductions many soldiers sailors, marines and airmen are looking at having their own home based business to bridge the gap. "That's a disappointment to advocates who were pushing for a larger paycheck … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2015!

Why do we get so involved in celebrating the new year? What's up with all the hoopla, parties, drinking and resolutions? In reality isn't today just another day like any day? Come on, we're not celebrating a person place or thing, just a date on the calendar. What makes this day worth celebrating? Honestly I somewhat dread the new year. Why you … [Read more...]

Starting a Home Business is a Better Way

Many people enjoy the success of a full time income from their home business and more importantly time freedom. Watch this interview with Ivan Sisco and Elaina Ward "The Do Life Family". We have interview Ivan Sisco on our weekly AMSOIL Dealer training call. You can listen to that call here: … [Read more...]

Multiple Income Streams

For many of us, we have been taught since a young age to go to school, get an education and that will give you a good job. This may be true in a good economy, but what if there are no jobs to be had? What if your chosen profession is no longer a viable profession? What are you to do now? I'm a proponent to the statement "Always Be Learning". … [Read more...]

Live your Life Insurance

By now, many of you have heard that we've started a new business venture on teaching people how to "Become their own Banker". This new twist on an old product allows people to plan, setup and build wealth using a specially designed high cash value life insurance product. We've named our new business Dynasty Wealth Partners and are planning to … [Read more...]

More on Tax Savings

I feel that you are looking for more proof that starting and owning your own home business can save you thousands and thousands of dollars on your taxes. If you have a good job, but are tired of seeing hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month evaporate out of your monthly income check listen to this 15 minute audio program by Steven … [Read more...]

Why you need a home business

Sandy Botkin the inventor of taxbot explain why everyone should have a home based business. It doesn't matter what it is, but it has to be something that you can work at everyday, something that other people need so you can use your vehicle to promote the products so you can get maximum tax deductions. Being a computer programer (while you can … [Read more...]