Now is the best time to start a Network Marketing Business

Now is the best time to start a Network Marketing Business

Beach Money by Jordan Adler

  One of my long time mentors Jodan Adler made this video that I think will help you understand why now is such a good time to be involved with network marketing or MLM Jordan Adler is the top income earn in SendOutCards. He also happens to be our personal sponsor. He is the author of the book Beach Money; Creating Your Dream Life … [Read more...]

When it’s time to quit your day job

So you've been working hard on your Network Marketing business and you've decided it's time to quit and spend even more time doing the things you want to do. Consider going out with a bang! Maybe this video will give you some inspiration! When you have replaced your income is when the real fun begins. Think about it.  You're spending 8 or … [Read more...]

Call me the most

The people that call me the most make the most money. When someone is just getting started in a home based business they are usually very unsure of how to really get traction. Many feel that they are lost, then they get discouraged and finally they just give up. I can't tell you how many untold people that gave up because they never got any … [Read more...]

The Art of Followup Pays Big Bucks

One area where most new Network Marketing professionals drop the ball is in follow up. This is critical to your short term and long term success. Most of us never follow up. We assume that if someone isn't interested today...right now, they are never going to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Look at these statistics and you'll … [Read more...]

Finding out who your prospects are

  In today's post we talk about finding the right people for your business that may be interested in working with. First step is deciding what type of people would do best in your business then you can figure out a plan to get yourself in front of those types of people. Once you under that people who might be right for your opportunity … [Read more...]

Make Necessary Changes to have a Successful Future

Make Necessary Changes to have a Successful Future


Since beginning my home based business in 2000 there have been many changes in my life. Some were great and some not so great. As they say that is life. Some of the best changes that I have made have been personal changes to help myself become better by taking an active role in personal development and learning every single day. Removing the stress … [Read more...]

Getting started with a Plan B Business

Today, virtually everyone should be evaluating some type of "Plan B" business that can be started without a large investment and built over time. This just makes good business sense given the times we are living in. We work with individuals from all age groups and social economic backgrounds. One person maybe be a college student that would like … [Read more...]

Stick with the Basics in your Home Business

  Many times we get bogged down with all the particulars of our own business. It seems overwhelming sometimes all the things we have to do to keep our home business running like a well oiled machine. Those day to day activities are essential, but a lot of people can't see the forest through the trees --meaning keeping your eye on the goal … [Read more...]

3 Deadly P’s of your Home Business

The three deadly P's of your home business are: Procrastination, Prioritization and Planning.   Home Business Procrastination I believe that Procrastination is the biggest killer in your home business. You probably know you should do something, you probably even have it on a list but for some reason you are not doing it. (BTW, I started … [Read more...]

Home Business Startup Success, It’s the Journey

  What is your end destination? What goals do you want to achieve with your home business? Do you want to have that "lifestyle" or just make a few extra dollars part-time? How many hours, how much effort, and how much success you want to achieve is up to you. Honestly, for me it's not the end goal but the journey that most interests me. The … [Read more...]